After graduation in Spring of '22, I would like to pursue my efforts further within the music industry. Before my internship experience, I would have only said I would want to work for Warner Music group in New York. Having spent 3 years within their University program, it would have been a great transition towards a wholesome career with the company that started it all for me. Being that I was just hired part time from my internship for January, I am very excited to see where I can take my passions. Mainfactor has all the promises of an amazing startup. The crew is great, our mission is succinct, and our goals are limitless.


That being said, as far as a "career", no matter where I am, I would love to take on a job as a full time Creative Director. Just to be able to work hands on in creating new experiences is something that I dream about. To narrow it down for this assignment, if I was to be hired by WMG, my reasoning would be very simple: the atmosphere. Having made such amazing friends in an environment that supports and nurtures new ideas is amazing. Warner has instilled in me a work ethic that demands respect, all while delivering it myself. Overall, this position that I am shooting for would be a salary of anywhere from $90k-$130k, depending on what label I end up working with.,17.htm